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Lyme Disease Also Thrives During the Winter

August 4, 2022 • 11:58 am CDT
by Laureetta Williams
(Precision Vaccinations)

FAIR Health recently announced its third study focused on Lyme disease's notable growth in the USA over the past 15 years, and, as a result, it has become an illness of increasing national concern. 

The new Fair Health infographic published on August 2, 2022, reveals vital differences in the prevalence of Lyme disease when comparing rural and urban areas.

From 2016 to 2021, claim lines with Lyme disease diagnoses increased 60% in rural areas and 19% in urban areas, with diagnoses peaking nationally in June and July annually. 

During these summer months, rural areas, on average, had a more significant share of claim lines associated with Lyme disease diagnoses than urban areas.

However, Lyme disease diagnoses occurred more often in urban areas from November to April.

The top states in 2021, from highest to lowest, were New Jersey, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

Maine, which was not previously on the list of top five states for Lyme disease claim lines, assumed third place in 2021, suggesting a growing presence of tick-borne illness in the state.

Connecticut and Vermont switched places, with Vermont emerging as number two and Connecticut dropping to number five.

In a press release, FAIR Health President Robin Gelburd stated, "Lyme disease remains a growing public health concern."

"FAIR Health will continue to use its repository of claims data to provide actionable and relevant insights to healthcare stakeholders seeking to better understand the ongoing rise of Lyme disease cases."

While the U.S. FDA has not approved a Lyme disease vaccine as of August 4, 2022, one vaccine candidate is conducting a late-stage study on Nantucket and Block Islands this summer.

Valneva SE Lyme Disease vaccine candidate VLA15 is a multivalent recombinant protein vaccine targeting the outer surface protein A of Borrelia, designed for prophylactic, active immunization against Lyme disease. 

Valneva recently partnered with Pfizer Inc. to bring this vaccine to market in the USA.

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