RSV Vaccine Now Available at Pharmacies

RSV vaccines are US FDA approved in 2023
RSV vaccines at pharmacy
U.S. FDA August 2023
Philadelphia (Precision Vaccinations News)

GSK plc today announced that AREXVY™, an approved Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) vaccine, is now available at major retail pharmacies in the U.S.

AREXVY is currently indicated for preventing RSV-lower respiratory tract disease in individuals 60 years and older. An estimated 76.5 million people aged 60 and older in the U.S. may benefit from this RSV vaccine.

RSV is a seasonal disease, and an outbreak was recently in Florida 

Rob Truckenmiller, Senior Vice President, Head of U.S. Vaccines, GSK, commented in a press release on August 17, 2023, "We are excited to announce that AREXVY is now available to older adults in major retail pharmacies across the U.S. ahead of this year's RSV season."

"As the makers of the first FDA-approved RSV vaccine for older adults, we're hopeful that RSV vaccines, like AREXVY, will help reduce the considerable clinical, economic, and human impact RSV has on older adults and our public health system."

From a clinical perspective, the U.S. CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommended in June 2023 that persons 60 years of age and older may receive a single dose of RSV vaccine, using shared clinical decision-making.

According to the ACIP, shared clinical decision-making empowers patients to decide whether RSV vaccination is appropriate for them in consultation with their healthcare providers.

From a payment perspective, Under the Inflation Reduction Act, patients with Medicare Part D will pay no out-of-pocket expenses. As part of the Affordable Care Act, AREXVY may be covered for commercially insured patients at no cost when administered in-network. Patients should ask their doctor or pharmacist if AREXVY is covered.

AREXVY is the first of two U.S. FDA-approved RSV vaccines.

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