Mandatory Vaccination vs Exclusion, Which is Best?

Teaneck New Jersey surrounded by measles outbreaks

active seniors

Surrounded by measles virus outbreaks on all sides, Teaneck, New Jersey town council may take action to protect seniors. 

According to news reports on April 12, 2019, Teaneck's council has asked the township health commissioner Ken Katter for a recommendation on a requirement that township residents show proof of vaccination in order to ‘participate in recreation programs or activities.’ 

Teaneck Councilman Keith Kaplan said, "you can't force people to put a needle in their arm, but you can force them not to use a program if they don't show proof of the vaccine." 

“What I hear, we don’t have an epidemic now, so why are we looking to do this. My response is thankfully it’s not a problem yet,” Kaplin said on Twitter.   

“But, the time to discuss these things is before it’s an issue.”

“We have a lot of seniors who may not have immunity,” Kaplan said. 

“And, they are showing up in clustered areas in a building where it could be a real problem.” 

‘Currently, proof of vaccination is required at the pre-K program and summer camps run by the Teaneck Township Recreation Department, but other recreation programs that take place in the Richard Rodda Community Center do not,’ said Teaneck Councilman Jim Dunleavy.   

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Dunleavy, who is the liaison to the Parks, Playgrounds, and Recreation Advisory Board and is a former trustee with the Teaneck Junior Soccer League, said to, “If the sports organizations choose to do it, they can.” 

“I think we have to take a measured approach here. At this point, I’m not comfortable putting a mandate on anything.” 

Teaneck, NJ has a population of approximately 39,000 and is located within a few miles of ongoing measles outbreaks in New York City, Rockland County New York, and in Central NJ. 

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