Reggie Bush Should Enjoy Retirement, Not Encourage Anti-Vaxx’ers

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On the evening of November 25, 2018, a former NFL star decided to engage his 2.8 million Twitter followers in a digital conversation regarding vaccine efficacy. 

From reading the feedback on Twitter, it sounds to this vaccine news reporter and NFL fan, that Mr. Bush should find another hobby during his retirement. 

According to Yahoo Sports, Mr. Bush seemed to close the discussion by ‘saying that people need to have “open conversations on social media” and that such arguments are healthy regardless of the topic.’ 

And finally Mr. Bush wrote on Twitter before he went to sleep on Sunday evening:

  • Don’t be afraid to have open conversations on social media.
  • You won’t always be right and you won’t always be wrong and that’s ok!
  • Conversations are healthy regardless of what the topic is or how people try to make you feel. 

But, previous research says Mr. Bush’s comments can lead to increased healthcare costs and even infectious disease-related fatalities. 

  1. During 2018, a new 38 country study on vaccine misperceptions suggests there is a worldwide communications problem. According to, one of the most frustrating vaccine misperceptions is the enduring myth that certain vaccines can cause autism. This ongoing myth can lead to children needlessly contracting vaccine-preventable diseases. 
  2. On November 19th, 2018, a University of Michigan survey suggested that parents who decline to get the annual influenza vaccine for their child may be exposed to a limited range of information. This new poll of 1,977 parents found that depending on which information source parents turn to most often, inaccurate health information may influence their flu vaccine decision. 
  3. During 2017, researchers asked more than 1,300 Americans to compare their own perceived levels of knowledge about the causes of autism to those of medical doctors and scientists. This study reported 34 percent of U.S. adults in our sample ‘feel that they know as much or more than scientists about the causes of autism.’ This is generally called the ‘Dunning-Kruger effect.’  

But there is good news, additional players are now involved in the vaccine awareness battle.

During World Pharmacists Day 2018, pharmacists were encouraged to organize activities that promote and advocate for ‘improving health in every corner of the world.’ 

The theme of World Pharmacists Day 2018 emphasizes that pharmacists are a trusted source of knowledge and advice, not only for patients but for other healthcare professionals. 

As well as, including vaccination services. 

For every patient who walks into a pharmacy, pharmacists ensure that the right vaccine is provided at the right dose and in the most suitable formulation. 

Moreover, pharmacists work with other healthcare professionals to ensure that every individual receives optimal treatment. 

“Providers can positively impact immunization rates by listening to the concerns of parents, combatting any misinformation with strong evidence-based research, and allowing the parents to make informed decisions”, said Chris Felton, PharmD, MTM Clinical Pharmacist at Brookshire Grocery Company.

“It is incumbent upon pharmacists to know all of the information that our patients are hearing…good and bad so that we can engage with them in a constructive conversation,“ added Felton.

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