Over-Touristed Destinations Include U.S. Hot Spots

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by Talpa P.
Miami (Precision Vaccinations News)

There are many cities around the world included in people's bucket-list locations to visit during their lifetime.

According to a team at MoneyTransfers.com, they ranked the most visited cities and countries in the world, and some of the rankings might surprise an avid traveler.

This Most "Over-Touristed" Cities in the World list was published on September 7, 2023.

The U.S. cities on this list include Miami and Orlando in Florida.

These cities offer vacation choices for about ten million domestic and international visitors annually.

However, the state of Florida has reported dengue and malaria outbreaks in 2023.

Jonathan Merry, resident travel expert at MoneyTransfers.com, commented in a website report, "The index below highlights just how overcrowded many cities around the world are by international visitors."

"Although not necessarily unwelcome in many ways, it's undeniable that this level of popularity and tourists wildly outnumbering locals can result in overcrowding and a cascade of negative effects."

At the other end of the MoneyTransfers scale, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, still rank within the leading hot spots for international arrivals per year but have a population size to match.

This means those living within the country aren't outnumbered and less likely to become frustrated with tourists!

The U.S. CDC publishes an extensive list of disease outbreaks and vaccination recommendations.

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