COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Development Based on the VaxHit Bioinformatics Platform

Vaxil SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidate is based on a unique and patent-protected signal peptide technology
depcition of virus with covid-19 written on it
(Precision Vaccinations)

Israel based Vaxil Bio Ltd. announced an update to the Company’s press release dated February 13, 2020, regarding the possible identification of a novel coronavirus vaccine candidate, Vaccine Candidate.

Vaxil said in a newly published press release on February 18, 2020, the Vaccine Candidate is based on unique and patent-protected signal peptide technology, utilizing Vaxil’s proprietary VaxHit™ bioinformatics platform.

Vaxil exploits the unique properties of signal peptide domains on crucial proteins to develop targeted therapies. These signal peptide domains are identified by VaxHit.

Furthermore, this press release says ‘the Vaccine Candidate’s design is also based on successful in vivo experiments testing a tuberculosis signal peptide vaccine.’  

Though significant, this is an early step in identifying a vaccine candidate which must then go through rigorous testing before approval by regulatory authorities.

During the next quarter of 2020, Vaxil said it ‘plans to initiate non-GMP manufacturing. The non-GMP product will be made available for pre-clinical testing by those who express interest and qualify.’ 

In addition, Vaxil will explore partnerships and other possibilities to test the vaccine and if successful to bring to patients worldwide as expeditiously as possible

“This is a very early discovery and it is unlikely that there will be a prophylactic vaccine during this season, but we endeavor to have one for future use,” said David Goren, Vaxil’s Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, in this press release.

This COVID-19 disease vaccine development announcement is good news since there are no US Food and Drug Administration approved preventive or therapeutic vaccines related to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, as of February 18, 2020. 

Vaxil is an Israeli immunotherapy biotech company focused on its novel approach to targeting prominent cancer markers and infectious diseases.

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