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Rotasiil Rotavirus Vaccine

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July 14, 2021
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Rotasiil Rotavirus Vaccine Description

Rotasiil (bovine rotavirus pentavalent vaccine [BRV-PV]) is a live attenuated bovine–human (UK) reassortant rotavirus vaccine containing rotavirus serotypes G1, G2, G3, G4, and G9 (>5.6 log10 fluorescent focus units/serotype/dose) and is delivered in lyophilized form with 2.5 mL of citrate bicarbonate buffer added for reconstitution before oral administration.

Rotasiil Rotavirus Vaccine Indication

Rotasiil is indicated for active immunization of healthy infants from the age of 6 weeks for the prevention of gastroenteritis due to rotavirus infection when administered as a 3-dose series

Rotasiil Rotavirus Vaccine News

July 2, 2021 - Rotavirus vaccine efficacy up to 2 years of age and against diverse circulating rotavirus strains in Niger: Extended follow-up of a randomized controlled trial

Rotasiil Rotavirus Vaccine Clinical Trial

Rotasiil has been tested in several clinical trials.