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Quadrivalent Influenza modRNA Vaccine

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Quadrivalent Influenza modRNA Vaccine Description

The quadrivalent modRNA vaccine candidate will encode World Health Organization recommended strains for the Northern Hemisphere 2022-23 cell culture- or recombinant-based influenza vaccines.

The influenza strains that are chosen to make up the next season's vaccine are chosen more than six months before the actual start of the flu season they are targeted for. 

Due to the flexibility of mRNA technology and the rapid manufacturing of mRNA vaccines, these vaccines could possibly be made with the actual strains of influenza that are circulating during the season.

The mRNA-based influenza vaccine only requires the genetic sequence of the virus.

This vaccine candidate has just begun a Phase 3 clinical trial.

Quadrivalent Influenza modRNA Vaccine Indication

This vaccine candidate will be indicated to prevent seasonal influenza.

Quadrivalent Influenza modRNA Vaccine News

September 14, 2022 - Pfizer announced dosing their first participants in a Phase 3 clinical trial.

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