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MVX-ONCO-1 Cancer Immunotherapy Vaccine

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MVX-ONCO-1 is an anti-cancer therapy based upon triggering the patient's own natural immune response.  Using innovative technology to eliminate the cancer cells.

MVX-ONCO-1 consists of a very small device, which is placed underneath the skin with a little incision requiring only one suture and is composed of: 

  • Irradiated tumor cells from the patient, placed next to the device as the target for the immune response.
  • A strong immune-booster (GM-CSF: granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor), released from an encapsulated, genetically modified cell line

Two main advantages of this therapy:

  1. All antigens of the cancer are targeted
  2. Immune booster is delivered continuously over a one week period


MVX-ONCO-1 is indicated to boost the immune system to fight cancer cells



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