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mRNA-1893 Zika Vaccine


mRNA-1893 contains an mRNA sequence encoding for the structural proteins of the Zika virus and is designed to cause cells to secrete virus-like particles, mimicking the response of the cell after natural infection. 


mRNA-1893 is indicated for avoiding transmission of the Zika disease from a mother to an unborn child




August 19, 2019: Moderna Inc. announced that the Food and Drug Administration had approved its potential vaccine for the Zika virus for a fast track to approval.

Clinical Trial NCT04064905: Safety, Tolerability, and Immunogenicity of Zika Vaccine mRNA-1893 in Healthy Flavivirus Seropositive and Seronegative Adults (Recruiting)

  • This clinical study will evaluate the safety, tolerability and reactogenicity of mRNA-1893 Zika vaccines in flavivirus seronegative and flavivirus seropositive participants
August 26th, 2019