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HBA120 Hepatitis B Vaccine

HBA120  Hepatitis B Vaccine Description

HBAI20 vaccine candidate consists of a standard HBV vaccine to which the AI20 adjuvant is added.

The adjuvant is able to give an additional stimulus to the immune system and may provide sufficient protection against HBV for the non-responders.

HBA120  Hepatitis B Vaccine Indication

The HBA120 vaccine candidate is indicated for HBV non-responders.

In addition, the HBAI20 gives faster protection offering the potential of fewer vaccinations in the future.

HBA120  Hepatitis B Vaccine Clinical Trials

Clinical Trial NCT03415672: Hepatitis B Vaccine for Non-responders

In this Phase 2 trial, the investigators study the efficacy of the HBAI20 vaccine to induce seroprotection in registered non-responders (adults who were previously vaccinated with the HBVaxPro-10μg but did not achieve seroprotection). The study will further assess the safety of the HBAI20 vaccine in comparison with HBVaxPro-10μg.