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CTH522 Chlamydia Vaccine

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CTH522 is a Chlamydia vaccine candidate adjuvanted with CAF01 liposomes or aluminium hydroxide.


CTH522 is a vaccine candidate indicated to prevent chlamydia.


CTH522 is administered in the clinical trials as an intermuscular injection.

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trial NCT03926728Safety and Immunogenicity of a Chlamydia Vaccine CTH522 (CHLM-02) 

  • This trial is a phase I, double-blind, parallel, randomized, and placebo-controlled trial of the chlamydia vaccine CTH522 in healthy adults.
  • Sixty-six subjects will be randomly assigned into six cohorts and are to receive four vaccination, in total of 12 trial visits.
  • Cohorts A-D investigates CTH522-CAF01 administered IM in two doses (85 µg and 15 µg).
  • Cohort E investigate CTH522-CAF09b also administered IM in one dose (85 µg). Cohort E is the placebo group.
  • All subjects will receive a TO administration as a boost at Day 140 (4th vaccination). The TO boost will be non-adjuvanted CTH522 (12µg in each eye) or placebo.
  • Nine subjects in each of cohorts A-E will receive the active boost (i.e. CTH522), three subjects will receive the placebo.
  • The three placebo subjects from each cohort will be grouped and will serve as the control for the active boost.

Clinical Trial NCT02787109: Safety of Chlamydia Vaccine CTH522 in Healthy Women Aged 18 to 45 Years

  • The present trial is a phase I first in human, double-blind, parallel and placebo-controlled trial of SSI's adjuvanted chlamydia vaccine CTH522: CTH522-CAF01 (CAF01 is an adjuvant system) and CTH522-Al(OH)3.
  • The trial will be conducted at Imperial College Research site in the United Kingdom.


Clinical Trials

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