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MV-CHIK Chikungunya Vaccine

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June 20, 2024
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MV-CHIK Vaccine Description

MV-CHIK is a vaccine candidate utilizing Themis’ measles vector platform. MV-CHIK consists of a recombinant live Schwarz-strain measles-vectored vaccine expressing chikungunya virus structural proteins. Upon vaccination with MV-CHIK, the measles virus delivers the CHIKV antigens directly to antigen-presenting cells susceptible to the measles virus, including dendritic cells and monocytes. This allows for the mounting of CHIKV-specific cellular and humoral immune responses without the need for an additional adjuvant (Brandler et al., 2013MV-CHIK-induced ed neutralizing antibodies are cross-protective against all circulating CHIKV lineages, as demonstrated with serum from immunized NHPs and serum pools from human clinical trial participants (Rossi et al. 2019). In addition to immune responses against chikungunya virus structural proteins, the recombinant vaccine significantly increased measles-specific IgG titers at both doses evaluated. This indicates that the measles backbone of MV-CHIK elicits an immune response. This enhanced immunity against measles could be a major benefit of MV-CHIK.

Research data from October 13, 2023, show that the MV-CHIK vector vaccine induced a functional transgene-specific CD4+ T cell response. This, together with the evidence of neutralizing antibodies as a correlate of protection for CHIKV, makes MV-CHIK a promising vaccine candidate in the prevention of chikungunya.

Themis’ vaccination vector can incorporate large recombinant genes to code for selected antigens into its genome. 

MV-CHIK Indication

MV-CHIK is indicated to prevent Chikungunya disease.

MV-CHIK Dosage

In the Phase 2 clinical trial, MV-CHIK was administered as two intramuscular injections.

MV-CHIK Clinical Trials

Clinical Trial NCT03807843: Chikungunya Vaccine Study in Previously Exposed Adults.

Clinical Trial NCT02861586: Phase II Study to Evaluate Safety and Immunogenicity of a Chikungunya Vaccine (MV-CHIK-202).

Clinical Trials

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