Vaccine Info

INO-4500 Lassa Fever Vaccine


INO-4500 is a DNA-encoded monoclonal antibody (dMAb™) immunotherapy vaccine candidate.


INO-4500 is being clinically tested for the prevention of Lassa Fever.


This immunotherapy vaccine is injected into the muscle or skin with Inovio's proprietary Cellectra electroporation device.

Injection of the DNA plasmid into a patient generates robust in vivo monoclonal antibody production. This approach has the potential to generate in vivo production of therapeutic antibodies.

This new system is well suited to rapidly-produce countermeasures against emerging viral threats potentially protecting large populations from a pandemic.

Inovio has developed the Cellectra electroporation device to efficiently deliver DNA plasmids into cells where they can be expressed to generate robust antibody and T cell responses.

  • Electroporation has been shown to recruit and trigger cells involved in antigen presentation and immune response, further augmenting the benefits of superior DNA delivery
  • Cellectra delivers 3-4 rapid electrical pulses; each lasting only milliseconds
  • This causes temporary openings to form in the cell membrane, resulting in significant cellular uptake of the immunotherapy
  • The cell begins to produce the antigens encoded in the Syn Con DNA plasmid, within hours to days
  • The antigens are presented to the immune system, which activates the production of antibodies and killer T cells specific to the targeted pathogen or tumor

Clinical Trials NCT03805984:  Safety, Tolerability, and Immunogenicity of INO-4500 in Healthy Volunteers

  • This Phase 1 trial is a randomized and double-blinded study group, placebo-controlled trial to evaluate the safety, tolerability and immunological profile of INO-4500 administered by intradermal (ID) injection followed by electroporation using the CELLECTRA® 2000 device in healthy adult volunteers.