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cAd3-EBO Z EBOLA Zaire Vaccine

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December 16, 2021
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cAd3-EBO Z EBOLA Zaire Vaccine Description

cAd3-EBO Z uses a chimpanzee adenovirus (cAd3) vector, or carrier, to deliver Ebola genetic material. The gene inserts express an Ebola virus protein designed to prompt the human body to make an immune response.

cAd3-EBO Z EBOLA Zaire Vaccine Indication

cAd3-EBO Z EBOLA Zaire Vaccine is designed to protect against the Ebola Zaire virus species.

cAd3-EBO Z EBOLA Zaire Vaccine News

cAd3-EBO Z Vaccine Clinical Trials

There have been several EBOLA vaccine clinical trials over the last several years.

This specific vaccine has proved to be safe and immunogenic when evaluated in numerous Phase 1 clinical trials, including at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. The vaccine candidate also was tested in multiple Phase 2 trials in both adults and children, including the Phase 2 PREVAIL 1 trial in Liberia. The PREVAIL findings indicated the vaccine was well-tolerated and induced an immune response in recipients.

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