Vaccination Reduces Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections in Women

MV140 oral spray vaccine confers protection against UTIs
UTI vaccine
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Globally, vaccine researchers are working on nonantibiotic methods to prevent recurrent urinary tract infections (rUTIs) as antibiotic resistance becomes a growing threat to this painful disease.

In the United States, about 40% of women develop a UTI at some point in their lifetime, as well as many men.

According to an article by Carissa Wong published in the journal Nature on May 2, 2024, the latest prevention approaches include an oral spray vaccine. 

Immunotek S.L. Uromune™ (MV140) is a vaccine targeting recurrent UTIs that has been approved in certain countries.

After many years of effort, clinicians completed a long-term observational study at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, England, to better define MV140's clinical benefits. Presented at the European Association of Urology Congress on April 6, 2024, the non-peer-review study disclosed MV140's promising impact.

Of the 72 women and 17 men who participated in a trial of MV140, 54% remained UTI-free nine years after receiving two doses.

The study's other participants had fewer, less severe UTIs. Some people, however, did need to take a course of antibiotics due to a breakthrough infection.

According to this study, 84 participants did not report severe side effects during the nine years.

In March 2024, these scientists also found patients who received MV140 for three months were associated with a reduction in the personal burden of disease.

This secondary analysis of a phase 3 clinical trial showed a significant reduction of UTIs (from a median of six UTIs per year before vaccination) in the efficacy period in the individuals treated with three months of MV140 (median 0.0 [IQR 0.0–1.0]) compared with placebo (median 3.0 [IQR 0.5–6.0], p < 0.0001). 

These scientists wrote that this nonantibiotic strategy to prevent or reduce UTIs should empower women suffering from rUTIs to live life to the fullest.

As of May 23, 2024, Uromune MV140 is unavailable in Canada or the United States, is approved in Mexico and Spain, and is available off-license in about 20 countries through special access programs.

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