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Avigan Favipiravir is an antiviral agent that inhibits the RNA dependent RNA polymerase of RNA viruses
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Therapeutic cancer vaccine Polycondensate Neoepitope consists of neoantigens and an adjuvant
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2019nCoV vaccine development has been accelerated with incremental funding and focus
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Lyme disease vaccine development and testing remain priorities in Connecticut
Merck Ervebo v920 vaccine protects people against the Zaire Ebolaviruses
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UCLA developed Lyme disease xVFA assay takes 15 minutes with material costs of $.42 per test
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Excell Biotech EXD-12 is a live attenuated herpes vaccine candidate
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Molecular platform design strategy could be adapted to detect and combat Dengue disease by generating the requisite ligand patterns on customized DNA nanoarchitectures
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IGeneX Broad Coverage Ab assays give either a positive or negative result for exposure to Borreliae
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Flu shots are an important first line of defense in preventing influenza