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newborn being help by his dad for the first time
Transplacental antibody transfer following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy confirmed
young girl giving dad a high five
Low-dose SpikeVax vaccine generates durable memory enhanced by cross-reactive T cells
young toddler boy with hat over his eyes
Pediatricians recommend annual flu shots of most children without medical contraindications
two children laughing working on their lap tops outside
Over 410 children have died in the USA from COVID-19 during the pandemic
herd of horses
USA herd immunity may exceed 83% 
Older people on a boat going on a cruise
Circulating autoantibodies found in about 10% of COVID-19 pneumonia patients
person being wheeled out of the hospital after recovering from COVID-19
Bamlanivimab etesevimab monoclonal antibody COVID-19 treatment resumes distribution and use in certain states
cheerleaders showing sign for victory
COVID-19 vaccine conferred and natural SARS-CoV-2 immunity benefits require investigation 
people celebrating good news
Comirnaty is the new Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine name
blood donated for transfusion
COVID-19 convalescent plasma offered reduced benefits against severe illness