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Safety, Tolerability and Immunogenicity of INO-4800 Followed by Electroporation in Healthy Volunteers for COVID19

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This is a phase I/IIa trial to evaluate the safety, tolerability and immunological profile of INO-4800 administered by intradermal (ID) injection followed by electroporation (EP) using the CELLECTRA® 2000 device in 160 healthy adults aged 19 to 64 years in Republic of Korea. 

INO- 4800 contains the plasmid pGX9501, which encodes for the full length of the Spike glycoprotein of SARS-CoV-2.

The primary objective of this trial is to evaluate the tolerability, safety, and immunogenicity of INO-4800 administered by ID injection followed by EP in healthy adults in the Part A and Part B. Enrollment into Part A, and Part B will proceed sequentially.