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Influenza Vaccine Challenge Study in Healthy Subjects

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The investigational influenza vaccine (FLU-v) contains multiple highly conserved T cell epitopes that are present on most influenza viruses, which have been identified as reactive in different human leukocyte antigen (HLA) populations; thus making it unlikely that anybody in the vaccinated population would be unable to mount an immune response to at least one of the epitopes contained in the vaccine.

In this Phase 1 study, up to 44 will be vaccinated with the FLU-v experimental vaccine or a placebo in a 1:1 ratio. Volunteers will attend a screening visit, a vaccination visit, a 10-11 day overnight stay in a quarantine facility, and a follow-up visit to the P1 clinic.

Three weeks after being vaccinated with FLU-v or placebo, 30 volunteers will be taken to a Quarantine Unit to be exposed to the attenuated H3N2 study virus and then monitored by study physicians and nurses for a 10-11 day period. The other 14 volunteers will be held in reserve as back-ups. If fewer than 30 of the volunteers who travel to the Quarantine Unit are eligible to be exposed to the study virus, then volunteers who have been kept in reserve will be used.

Following discharge from the Quarantine Unit, volunteers will attend one study follow-up visit, 28 days after exposure to the study virus. Assessments will take place and samples will be taken from volunteers.