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Cohort Event Monitoring for Dengvaxia®, CYD-TDV Dengue Vaccine

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The aim of this study is to evaluate the safety profile of Dengvaxia® when used in the real-world immunization setting

Primary Objective:

To measure the incidence of selected adverse events (AEs) and serious AEs (SAEs) occurring over a period of six (6) months after each Dengvaxia® dose administration;

To quantify the association between Dengvaxia® and each of the selected AEs and SAEs for which a risk window after vaccination can be defined, using estimates of relative risk

To monitor the occurrence and frequency of hospitalized dengue disease as well as any other SAEs leading to hospitalization or death, including new and previously unrecognized SAEs, following Dengvaxia® administration on a longer-term (up to 5 years after the first Dengvaxia® dose administration.

Secondary objectives:

To identify risk factors for hospitalized dengue disease (severe or not) among subjects vaccinated with Dengvaxia®;

To describe the frequency of hospitalized dengue disease and/or other SAEs or selected AEs according to the number of Dengvaxia® doses and/or interval between doses.