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Baricitinib Therapy in COVID-19

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Baricitinib, an anti-Janus kinase inhibitor (anti-JAK) acting against JAK1 and JAK2 that inhibits JAK1- and JAK2-mediated cytokine release, was recently described using BenevolentAI's proprietary artificial intelligence-derived knowledge graph, as an agent that reduces the endocytosis into target cells, and to inhibit the entry.

Based on its potential action on inhibition of SARS-CoV-2 entry, and on its known effects on reduction of cytokine release, baricitinib therapy was proposed in patients with moderate pneumonia to explore: the safety of this drug combined with antiviral (lopinavir-ritonavir) in COVID-19; as second outcome, to evaluate the impact of baricitinib in terms of clinical, laboratory, respiratory parameters, and reduction of ICU admission.

Baricitinib was combined with antivirals because it does not interact with them due to its prevalent renal elimination.