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Second-Generation Anti-Cancer Vaccine Targets Melanoma

March 26, 2024 • 9:29 am CDT
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Defence Therapeutics Inc. today announced the successful testing of a second-generation anti-cancer vaccine, ARM-002TM, using its lead anti-cancer molecule AccuTOX®.

When tested as a therapeutic vaccine in a melanoma cancer model, ARM-002TM led to an 80% complete response when combined with the anti-PD-1 immune checkpoint inhibitor.

The ARM-002TM vaccine was tested in vivo in the context of melanoma.

"AccuTOX® is an amazing molecule! AccuTOX® has the capacity to trigger cancer cell death when used as a direct cancer injectable, and AccuTOX®, the same molecule, converts mesenchymal stromal cells into potent antigen-presenting cells capable of priming potent anti-tumoral responses using 10-fold lower antigen preparation," commented Mr. Sébastien Plouffe, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Defence Therapeutics, in a media statement on March 26, 2024.

Vaccination can stimulate specific immune responses capable of potentially curing established tumors compared to current anti-cancer strategies.

In addition, developed immune cells can lead to a long-lasting memory response capable of further protecting the patient from subsequent cancer relapses, says the company.

According to Data Bridge Market Research, this vaccine segment is expected to reach revenues of about $900 billion by 2029.

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