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COVID-19 Oral Pill Therapeutic Vaccine Found Promising in Early Study

January 18, 2021 • 1:53 pm CST
(Precision Vaccinations)

New York-based Key Capital Corporation announced independent laboratory testing of its partnered Immunitor COVID-19 patented oral pill vaccine in an ongoing university study is providing promising early support for the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. The preliminary tests conducted by a leading Asian research institute have shown a 90% reduction in virus infectivity in mammalian cells following exposure to the active vaccine.

This laboratory testing highlights the vaccine methodology and ability to inactivate and/or prevent viral infection and its potential for oral mucosal administration, stated Key Capital's press release issued on January 18, 2021.

Key Capital believes 'its COVID-19 oral pill therapeutic vaccine can potentially meet the pandemic challenges by being able to offer a much-needed therapeutic option, as well as a highly efficient mass vaccination alternative.'

The Immunitor oral pill immunotherapeutics stimulate the host's immunological system, especially in situations in which it is insufficiently capable of developing an effective response to the cause of the disease. Immunitor products are orally administered, survive gastrointestinal degradation, with a site of action in the mucosa and microbiome of the human gut, says the company.

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