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scMAYV-E Mayaro Virus Vaccine


scMAYV-E is a novel DNA vaccine that encodes a synthetically-designed consensus MAYV envelope sequence.


The scMAYV-E DNA vaccine was administered to mice by intramuscular injection followed by pulses of electricity designed to make cells more permeable to foreign DNA and enhance vaccine uptake, which allows for dose-sparing.




Immunization with scMAYV-E induced robust MAYV-specific immune responses in mice, including both MAYV infection-neutralizing antibodies as well as cellular responses to multiple regions of MAYV-E.

Importantly, the scMAYV-E vaccine provided complete protection from death and clinical signs of infection in a MAYV-challenge mouse model.

The scMAYV-E DNA vaccine elicits both humoral and cellular responses against MAYV and consequently may be an important tool to provide comprehensive protection from MAYV infection and disease. 

09/30/2019 - 16:28