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RiVax Ricin Vaccine


RiVax is a safe alum-adjuvanted subunit vaccine candidate which may prevent death and injury from any route of exposure to ricin toxin.

RiVax uses a modified inactivated protein component of the ricin toxin itself to raise antibody responses, combined with an alum adjuvant to boost the body’s response to the vaccine. 

The immunogen in RiVax induces a protective immune response in animal models of ricin exposure and functionally active antibodies in humans.

The immunogen consists of a genetically inactivated subunit ricin A chain that is enzymatically inactive and lacks residual toxicity of the holotoxin.


Rivax is indicated to protect against exposure to ricin toxin



Clinical Trial NCT00812071: Phase 1B Study of RiVax, a Vaccine to Prevent the Toxic Effects of Ricin (FDA-OPD)

  • Dose escalation study: 3 dose groups. 5 patients in each dose group, then 15 more patients in "best" group. 3 vaccinations in volunteers, at 0 6 and 16 weeks.
09/30/2019 - 16:28