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INO-4800 Coronavirus Vaccine

INO-4800 Vaccine Description

INO-4800 is a vaccine candidate matched to the novel coronavirus, 2019-nCoV.

Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) has awarded Inovio a grant of up to $9 million. This grant will take Inovio's preclinical and clinical development through Phase 1 human testing of INO-4800. 

Inovio's collaborators for this coronavirus vaccine development include the Wistar Institute, VGXI, a fully owned subsidiary of GeneOne Life Science, and Twist Bioscience.

And, on January 30, 2020, Beijing Advaccine Biotechnology announced a collaboration with Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. to advance the development in China of the INO-4800 vaccine candidate, which is targeted against the novel coronavirus named 2019-nCoV.

Inovio's proprietary platform is leading the way forward for activation immunotherapy. This one-of-a-kind platform delivers optimized DNA into cells, where it is translated into proteins that activate an individual's immune system to generate a robust targeted T cell and antibody response.

INO-4800 Vaccine Indication

INO-4800 is a 2019-nCoV vaccine candidate designed to prevent 2019-nCoV.  

Inovio was the first to advance its INO-4700 vaccine candidate against MERS-CoV, a related coronavirus, into evaluation in humans. 

Inovio's DNA medicine platform is thought to provide a basis to rapidly develop a vaccine against an emerging virus with pandemic potential such as 2019-nCoV. Inovio is aiming to significantly expand the therapeutic range of monoclonal antibodies with our DNA-encoded monoclonal antibody technology.

With dMAb, Inovio encodes DNA to express a monoclonal antibody. Injection of the DNA plasmid into a patient generates robust in vivo monoclonal antibody production. This approach has the potential to generate in vivo production of therapeutic antibodies.

INO-4800 Vaccine Development News

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