Vaccine Info

ATX-GD-59 Graves' Disease Vaccine


ATX-GD-59 is a candidate for potential treatment to target the immunological basis of Graves' disease.


ATX-GD-59 is indicated to treat Graves' Disease.


ATX-GD-59 is administered as an intradermal injection.

Dose amounts are being evaluated in the Phase 1 clinical trial


June 14, 2019: The Phase 1 study has demonstrated evidence of efficacy in the majority of patients by the reduction of the antibodies and hormones associated with Graves disease hyperthyroidism. In addition, the treatment has also demonstrated a very favorable safety profile.

Clinical Trial NCT02973802: ATX-GD-59 in Patients With Graves Disease Not Treated With Anti-thyroid Therapy

  • This is a Phase 1 study to assess the safety and biological activity of ATX-GD-59 in patients with Graves Disease not currently treated with anti-thyroid therapy.
  • This will be an open-label dose titration involving injections on 10 occasions, each two weeks apart.
  • After dosing is complete there will be a 12 week follow up period.
  • Blood samples will be drawn throughout the study to monitor safety and the body's response to the injections.
  • Thyroid function will be measured throughout the trial to monitor Graves disease progression.