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Non-neuroinvasive herpes simplex virus variant could be a highly regarded vaccine candidate
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Herpes virus targeted by gene cutting enzymes
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European children HSV1 infection rate exceeds 32 percent
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Genital or Oral Herpes cases exceed 1 billion
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Candel Therapeutics acquired all of the Herpes Simplex Virus HSV based assets from PeriphaGen Inc
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Moderna mRNA-1647 vaccine continues to increase durable immune responses after third dose exceeding natural cytomegalovirus infection levels
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Immune amnesia could explain how people forget their immunity against illnesses
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Sinovac Biotech Varicella Vaccine showed about 87 percent protection rate
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Excell Biotech EXD-12 is a live attenuated herpes vaccine candidate
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Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology researchers used single-cell RNA sequencing to better understand herpesvirus infections