1,800 Children To Be Re-Vaccinated

Repeat vaccinations are appropriate when records cannot be verified says CDC
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Two South Carolina pediatric practices are in the process of re-immunizing 1,800 children. 

This vaccination problem encompasses a variety of vaccines since children get different vaccines at different ages, said local health officials. 

The cause was determined to be human error and was discovered through checks that are built into the children’s vaccination program. 

According to the CDC, when re-vaccinating people, it's important to not overwhelm the immune system during any one session. The CDC's immunization schedule is carefully designed to provide protection at the right time. 

These patients are related to Pediatric Associates-Easley and Pediatric Associates-Powdersville, which are part of the Greenville Health System (GHS), reported the Greenville News.  

While the details of the employee were not released, the 1,800 children identified were all vaccinated by that one employee. 

GHS reported the incident to the state, and the employee who provided the immunizations is no longer with the practice, officials said. 

Just how the error happened is part of the ongoing investigation, said the GHS staff. 

Free re-immunizations are being offered to families of affected children during regular office hours and during special after-hours and weekend clinics during the first two weeks of December, though that may be extended to accommodate everyone.     

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), repeat immunizations are recommended in situations where immunization cannot be confirmed.   

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The CDC updated its ‘Special Vaccination Situation’ document during February 2018.   

Additionally, the World Health Organization has published suggestions for various vaccination protocols.   

Vaccination FAQs can be found at Immunize.org. 


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