Rapid Breath Test Detecting COVID-19 Infection Launches Clinical Trial

Scentech Medical specializes in breath test diagnostics
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Israel based Scentech-Medical announced it had received approval from the Shamir Medical Center Review Board for a new clinical trial to demonstrate its ability to monitor the antibody levels and type of antibodies developed by the population of subjects getting vaccinated for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Scentech, which is merging with NextGen Biomed Ltd, reports that using the test developed for the analysis and quantification of volatile compounds in breath can detect coronavirus patients, active, symptomatic, and asymptomatic carriers.

Every pathogen has a unique genetic expression that creates a metabolic fingerprint, which can be detected by a rapid smell test (RST), says the company.

It may even indicate the body's immune response reflected by the type and level of antibodies expressed by the body.

As part of the research, Scentech-Medical will test subjects getting vaccinated to map biomarkers specifically related to antibodies of type IgM and IgG, stated the press release issued on January 4, 2020.

The test to monitor antibody levels and type will provide a quick indication as to the efficacy of the vaccines currently available. Moreover, such a test can indicate the immune system's response to various types of vaccines.

The company’s VOX system detected differences among various test groups: positive subjects, negative subjects, and negative subjects with antibodies for the coronavirus.

Scentech-Medical reported that 784 participants were tested using the company's VOX system, alongside PCR and serological tests. From that total, 41 tested positive in PCR, and 742 tested negative for coronavirus, out of which 68 showed the presence of antibodies based on serological tests.

Scentech-Medical is also working on completing its global analysis system, which combines advanced artificial intelligence and unique algorithms developed by the company. 

This system is aimed for the rapid and automated analysis of data collected by the company's devices to monitor disease spread, detect new mutations of the coronavirus, and identify recent disease outbreaks in real-time on both a local and global level. The development of the worldwide analysis system is expected to enter alpha testing within a month.

Scentech-Medical focuses on developing technologies for the early and rapid detection of diseases in real-time, through the analysis of volatile compounds founds in the breath, using non-invasive, effective, and low-cost tests. The technology developed by the company detects the presence of unique metabolic processes, which are associated with pathogens or the body's response to pathogens.

Scentech Medical’s laboratory, located in the Weizmann Science Park, Ness Ziona, Israel, is uniquely suited for mapping biomarkers in exhaled breath thanks to its state-of-the-art equipment and a team of highly skilled researchers.

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