What Vaccine Info Should Adults Know?

A majority of American adults are not current with their age-appropriate vaccinations
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(Precision Vaccinations)

Even though vaccines are one of the greatest health innovations, a new survey shows American adults lack the immunization awareness they may need.

This pharmaceutical company-sponsored survey showed that fewer than 30 percent of adults are aware of, and have received, the recommended vaccines for their age.

Moreover, 65 percent of American adults are not current with their age-appropriate vaccinations, this survey reported.

This GSK sponsored survey illustrates the critical knowledge and action gap regarding vaccination:

  • Just 47 percent of adults consider themselves to be "very" or "quite" knowledgeable about vaccines, apart from tetanus and flu vaccines.
  • Immunosenescence, also known as age-related decline in immunity, significantly contributes to the susceptibility of older adults to preventable conditions including influenza, pneumonia, and shingles.
  • The vaccine rates for tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis (Tdap) was just 23 percent.
  • The shingles vaccination rate is just 30 percent for adults 60+ years of age.
  • 49 percent of adults agree that although achieving a healthy lifestyle is important to them, they are likely to prioritize other health services over vaccination.
  • A majority of respondents (82 percent) believe adult vaccines are an effective way to help prevent serious illness.
  • While a minority (14 percent) believe vaccines are only needed for travel purposes.

Dr. Leonard Friedland, VP, Director of Scientific Affairs and Public Health, Vaccines, North America, GSK said: "With the exception of flu or tetanus, people often don't know there are other vaccines they may need as adults. The truth is vaccines are not something you outgrow."

Dr. Friedland said, "The value of vaccination doesn't decrease as we age – it remains a critical component of good health. Everyone should familiarize themselves with the vaccines the CDC recommends for adults and speak to their healthcare provider about the vaccines they may need."

The CDC maintains a list of recommended adult vaccines.

‘Vaccinate for Life’ is a global campaign to improve awareness of the importance of vaccination throughout life and encourage more conversations between healthcare professionals and their adult patients about what vaccinations may be available.

To find out more about the Vaccinate for Life campaign, please visit Vaccinate For Life.

The 'Vaccinate for Life survey' was carried out between July 6th and September 14th 2017 via an online survey of adults aged 18 years and over, with an achieved sample of 6,002 respondents, from five countries (Brazil, Germany, India, Italy and the United States).