Hajj Pilgrims are Well-Vaccinated

Haj Committee of India prepared for 2023
Hajj 2023
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With the pandemic ending, this year's Hajj may draw millions of visitors to the Kingdom of Saudi Ariba. This will be the first year since the pandemic's onset in which the maximum number of Muslims are permitted to participate in the annual pilgrimage.

And various countries, including India, are rolling out special vaccination drives to keep pilgrims safe from disease during their travels.

Nasir Yousufi reported for GAVI on June 1, 2023, Saudi authorities require proof of recent vaccination against COVID-19, meningitis, and polio, as well as yellow fever, for anyone coming from endemic countries.

"Overseas pilgrims should get these vaccines in their home countries before traveling to Saudia Arabia," commented the Kingdom's Ministry of Health.

The Haj Committee of India, in collaboration with the Health Ministry, Ministry of Minorities, and  Ministry of Civil Aviation, have collaborated to ensure the timely vaccination and proper health care of all pilgrims.

"Besides the vaccines, the Ministry of Health ensures the regular health check-up of pilgrims both at the onset of pilgrimage as well as during the Hajj rituals. Every year, countries set up health camps in Saudi Arabia to take care of the pilgrims from the country," said Er. Aijaz Ahmad, Member Haj Committee of India.

As of June 2, 2023, the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia requires various vaccinations and recognizes the World Health Organization's Listed COVID-19 vaccines.

And the U.S. Department of State stated that those who wish to travel to Saudi Arabia to visit Medina, Hajj, or perform Umrah should review the U.S. CDC's recommendations.

If you travel to Saudi Arabia, ensure you are fully vaccinated before travel, says the State Department.

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