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Dose-ranging Study of an Investigational Yellow Fever Candidate Vaccine in Adults (VYF01)

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The primary objectives of the study are:

To describe the safety profile of each of the 3 dosages of vYF and of YF-VAX® within the 28 days post-vaccination and up to the 6 months (Day 180) post-vaccination visit

To describe the antibody responses elicited by each of the 3 dosages of vYF and by YF-VAX on Day 0 pre-vaccination and then on Day 10, Day 14, Day 28 and 6 months (Day 180) post-vaccination overall and by baseline flavivirus serostatus

To quantify the detectable yellow fever (YF) vaccinal viremia in each vaccine groups (vYF and YF-VAX) in a subset of subjects on Day 0 visit, Day 1 visit, Day 3 visit, Day 5 visit, Day 7 visit, Day 10 visit, and Day 14 visit.