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COVID-19 Vaccine For Indirect Protection

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Despite the efficacy that has been demonstrated in Phase III randomized control trials of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, a critical question that remains unanswered is whether mRNA vaccines lead to herd immunity.

The rationale for conducting this study is to learn whether vaccinating adults with a COVID-19 vaccine will prevent COVID-19 infections in non-vaccinated community members.

Hutterite communities are unique since they are isolated from towns and cities and also share a number of communal activities, such as eating meals and attending church. Because of their location and practices, the Hutterite colonies give an opportunity to see whether vaccinating some Hutterite members with the COVID vaccine provides protection to the whole group.

If the study shows that immunizing some of the population reduces the level of COVID-19 infection for other members of the population, this may be very important in stopping the COVID-19 pandemic and future pandemics.