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Alternative Schedule Study For VLA15, a Vaccine Candidate Against Lyme Borreliosis

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In the Main Phase 2 Study, a total of 246 subjects were randomized 2:2:1 into three treatment groups to receive either VLA15 with Alum (lower or higher dose) or Placebo. Main Study Phase vaccinations were administered as intramuscular injections on Day 1, Day 57 and Day 180.

In the Booster Phase subjects from the higher dose group who completed their primary immunization schedule according to the protocol will be randomized 2:1 to receive an additional higher dose VLA15 vaccination or Placebo at Month 18.

Study duration in the Main Study Phase per subject is a maximum of 20 months. Overall study Duration is estimated to be 22 months.

Study duration per subject in the Booster Phase is a maximum of approximately 13 months.

Study duration per subject in the Main Study Phase and Booster Phase together is estimated to be a maximum of approximately 33 months.

Overall study duration (i.e., First-Subject-In to Last-Subject Out/ end of Booster Phase) is estimated to be approximately 37 months.


First posted results can be found here.