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AGILE (Early Phase Platform Trial for COVID-19)

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AGILE is a multicentre, multi-arm, multi-dose, multi-stage open-label, adaptive, seamless phase I/II Bayesian randomised platform trial to determine the optimal dose, activity and safety of multiple candidate agents for the treatment of COVID-19.

This study allows for the assessment of many candidates at different doses, with the ability to add candidates as they are identified or drop them as their evaluation is completed. Promising candidates will move to the an external trial for further evaluation in the phase II/III setting.

Each candidate will be evaluated in its own trial, randomising between candidate and control with 2:1 allocation in favour of the candidate. Each dose will be assessed for safety sequentially in cohorts of 6 patients. Once a phase II dose has been identified we will assess efficacy by seamlessly expanding into a larger cohort.

AGILE is completely flexible in that the core design in the master protocol (as has been explained above) can be adapted for each candidate based on prior knowledge of the candidate - i.e. population, primary endpoint and sample size can be amended. This will be detailed in each candidate-specific trial protocol of the master protocol.