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Active Pharmacovigilance Study of Adsorbed COVID-19 (Inactivated) Vaccine

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The immunization schedule is two CoranVac vaccine doses, intramuscular injections (deltoid), with a 14-28 days interval.

There will be 900 participants (300 health care professionals between 18 and 59 years old); 300 participants 75 years old or more; 300 participants between 60 and 74 years old. All participants must be allowed to receive the Adsorbed COVID-19 (inactivated) Vaccine according to the Brazilian Immunization National Plan.

For safety analysis, the incidence of adverse events after receiving the Adsorbed COVID-19 (inactivated) Vaccine that needed health assistance until 42 days after two-dose immunization schedule.

The total period of participation in the study will be approximately 60 days after completing the two-dose schedule of the vaccine.

Active pharmacovigilance studies are essential to assess the safety profile of the vaccine in subgroups that will be included as target populations in the Immunization Program.