CDC Confirms 1st Person-to-Person Spreading of the 2019-nCoV

CDC indicates 6 confirmed 2019-nCoV cases in the USA
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During a conference call, Dr. Nancy Messonnier, Director, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, and representatives from the Illinois Department of Health announced the 1st person-to-person spreading of the novel coronavirus named 2019-nCoV.

The state of Illinois is currently managing 2 confirmed 2019-nCoV cases, with an additional 21 cases under investigation.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said it is closely monitoring the 2019-nCoV outbreak in the USA.

As of February 3, 2020, the CDC confirmed 11 positive cases of the 2019-nCoV in the USA, with 82 cases pending testing by CDC.

And, in China, there were 20,527 confirmed cases of the 2019-nCoV virus, with 23,214 suspected cases, and 2,788 severe cases and 426 related fatalities reported on the morning of February 4th.

In response to this coronavirus outbreak, the CDC issued an initial Travel Alert on January 12, 2020.

Since then, airplane passenger screening has been expanded to 11 airports in the USA, with the capacity to quarantine certain passengers if needed.

“While the overall risk to the American public remains low, funneling all flights with passengers who have recently been in China is the most important and prudent step we can take at this time to decrease the strain on public health officials screening incoming travelers,” said Acting Homeland Secretary Chad F. Wolf in a related press release.

In addition, the CDC suggests people self-quarantine themselves if they suspect they have been infected by the 2019-nCoV.

Isolation is important since the clinical presentation of this coronavirus can vary.

Moreover, the CDC says 'concerned patients should notify their healthcare provider of previous travels prior to arriving for an office visit.

As of February 4, 2020, the CDC says there are no approved antiviral medications to treat or vaccines to prevent the novel coronavirus in the USA.

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