$9 Billion Needed to Save 8 Million Children

Five hundred million children to be vaccinated in five years
by Ian Ingalula
Geneva (Precision Vaccinations News)

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, has confirmed it is seeking $9 billion in new funding to immunize children against more diseases faster than ever.

Dr. Sania Nishtar, CEO of Gavi, presented the latest Investment Opportunity on June 20, 2024, outlining how the Alliance, if fully funded, could protect 500 million children in its next five-year strategic period, potentially saving over 8 million lives.

Previously, Gavi vaccinated one billion children between 2000 and 2020.

With Gavi's funding replenishment process for 2026–2030 only beginning, early pledges from the United States, France, Spain, the private sector, and philanthropic donors worth at least $2.4 billion.

Meanwhile, countries implementing Gavi programs are expected to contribute over 40% of their routine vaccine costs during the next strategic period.

This amount compares to 10% just fifteen years ago, reflecting a significant shift in local commitments.

At the same time, Gavi immunization programs are expected to generate at least $100 billion in economic benefits for implementing countries.

In its next five-year strategy, Gavi will aim to reach at least 50 million children with four doses of the malaria vaccine.

As of June 2024, two malaria vaccines are being offered in Africa.

In late 2023, the World Health Organization recommended the R21/Matrix-M vaccine to prevent malaria in African children. 

In addition to financial commitments, various vaccine manufacturers also stepped up to support vaccine access:

  • South Africa announced partnerships with South Korea to manufacture a pentavalent meningitis vaccine in Africa and with France, an inactivated polio vaccine.
  • Sanofi also announced a continued investment in a new Yellow Fever vaccine based on innovative cell culture technology.
  • Institut Pasteur de Dakar of Senegal announced investments to expand the production of the Yellow Fever vaccine and develop innovative antigen platforms for measles-rubella and mRNA vaccines.
  • EuBiologics announced an investment to expand the supply of its newly pre-qualified cholera vaccine with the optimized formulation.
  • Atlantic Lifesciences of Ghana announced a partnership to produce HPV vaccines.

A specific declaration was also made to support the local production of vaccines against cholera.

As of June 2024, the global shortage of cholera vaccines continues.

"We are incredibly grateful for the strong support we received today from donors as we prepare for an intense resource mobilization period. We are also grateful to countries for their political commitment to vaccine equity. And to Gavi’s stakeholders with whom we strive daily to improve lives and livelihoods," said Dr. Nishtar in a press release on June 21, 2024.

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