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Flu Season Trends Down Except in Texas

February 11, 2024 • 12:03 pm CST
Walgreens Flu Index map Feb. 3, 2024
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As we approach Spring 2024, many individuals eagerly anticipate the end of the 2023-204 flu season. However, this flu season continues to pose a significant health risk for many people.

Globally, the World Health Organization recently released Influenza Update N° 464, indicating a decrease in influenza detections.

In North America, influenza activity is elevated, albeit declining.

The U.S. CDC reported on February 9, 2024, that seasonal influenza activity remained high across the nation, with certain regions, such as regions 5 and 7, experiencing significant increases.

Additionally, the Walgreens Flu Index®, which provides a state and market-specific overview of flu activity, identified its top 10 cities confronting flu outbreaks as of February 3, 2024.

These cities are as follows:

  1. Oklahoma City
  2. Dallas-Ft. Worth
  3. Tyler-Longview
  4. Little Rock-Pine Bluff
  5. Corpus Christi
  6. Waco-Temple-Bryan
  7. San Antonio
  8. Lafayette
  9. Monroe, La.-El Dorado
  10. El Paso, Texas, including Las Cruces, N.M.

Note: Walgreens data is limited to the markets with its 8,700 pharmacy locations.

Unfortunately, the CDC confirmed eight influenza-associated pediatric deaths were reported during Week #5, bringing the 2023-2024 season total to 74 pediatric deaths.

The CDC continues recommending various flu shots for most people and encourages everyone to speak with a doctor, nurse, or pharmacist regarding any influenza questions.

As of late January 2024, over 157 million influenza vaccines were distributed in the U.S. this flu season.

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