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Targeted Vaccine Approach for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Presented

November 15, 2023 • 10:10 am CST
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(Precision Vaccinations News)

Longhorn Vaccines and Diagnostics today presented new data from an animal study of LHNVD-301, the company's lead tuberculosis (TB) vaccine candidate.

The data presented at The Union World Conference on Lung Health 2023 on November 15, 2023, showed that a mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) vaccine could generate broader protection against pathogens susceptible to antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

LHNVD-301 is an unconjugated, peptide-based vaccine that combines a MTB heat shock protein epitope and a peptidoglycan (PGN) epitope.

PGN is a cell wall component of bacteria that plays a vital role in infections.

The combination of heat shock protein and PGN generates broad reactive antibodies.

It represents a novel approach that combats AMR while targeting tuberculosis by combining multiple epitopes specific to MTB and common to gram-positive bacteria into a peptide vaccine.

Longhorn CEO Gerald W. Fischer, MD, commented in a press release, "We are developing LHNVD-301 to address MTB as a global threat and combat AMR."

"Unconjugated peptides targeting epitopes of multiple pathogens enable a cost-effective, easily scalable approach for vaccine development, which is crucial for covering those most at risk for TB."

While TB is an ancient disease, outbreaks caused an estimated 10.6 million infections and 1.3 million deaths in 192 countries and areas in 2022.

As of November 2023, 16 TB vaccines are available globally, and various BCG vaccine candidates are under development.

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