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$500 Million Funding Advances Vaccine and Therapeutic Development

October 14, 2023 • 11:31 am CDT
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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) today confirmed the selection of initial next-generation vaccine candidates and more than $500 million in awards for Project NextGen.

Announced on October 13, 2023, the three next-generation vaccine selections are distinct, targeting stronger, broader, or longer-lasting immune responses.

Intranasal vaccines have the potential to stop viruses at the site of infection, and self-amplifying mRNA and additional antigens may generate a stronger immune response than current vaccine technologies.

The awards announced today will support companies as they prepare their vaccine candidates for Phase 2b clinical evaluation:

$8.5 million to CastleVax for a vector-based intranasal vaccine candidate,

$10 million to Codagenix for a live-attenuated intranasal vaccine candidate,

$10 million to Gritstone Bio for a self-amplifying mRNA vaccine candidate.

“The vaccine selections and funding announced today are important steps forward for Project NextGen – with vaccine and therapeutics candidates moving quickly to clinical trials that will start in the coming months,” said Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response Dawn O’Connell in a press release.

To support these and all future Project NextGen clinical studies, the U.S. Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) awarded over $240 million, including investments in cold-chain sample management, genomic sequencing, and increased central laboratory capacity for sample testing.

Finally, BARDA is awarding over $241 million to support new technologies to improve national preparedness for future COVID-19 outbreaks and patient access. These technologies have the potential to enable shorter development timelines for monoclonal antibodies through mRNA, increased efficiency in virus testing, and alternate routes for vaccine administration:

The over $500 million announced today builds on the over $1.4 billion awarded in August – accelerating products toward clinical trials and potential commercial availability. 

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