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Cuba's COVID-19 Vaccines Receive Registration

May 24, 2023 • 3:17 pm CDT
by Margaux Mercier
(Precision Vaccinations)

Prensa Latina recently reported Cuba's COVID-19 vaccines, Soberana 02, Soberana Plus, and Abdala, received the sanitary registration granted by the Center for State Control of Medicines, Medical Equipment, and Devices for their proven efficacy.

The experts and scientists ratified the safety that characterizes Cuba's COVID-19 vaccines, firstly due to the very nature of the technological platforms used and secondly, because they have high thermo-stability.

Unlike others requiring special storage conditions, Cuba's vaccines can be stored between two and eight degrees Celsius at freezing temperatures.

During the clinical studies, vaccine efficacy was higher than 90%.

As of May 24, 203, Cuba is among the world's top 10 countries with most citizens immunized against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which raises the level of protection to more than 90% of Cuban inhabitants.