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Travel Vaccinations Become Growth Industry

May 16, 2023 • 5:26 am CDT
by Nel Botha
(Precision Vaccinations News)

Emergent BioSolutions today announced it had completed the sale of its travel health business to Bavarian Nordic and may receive up to $380 million in potential future payments.

Bavarian Nordic acquired the rights to Vivotif®, the licensed typhoid vaccine, and Vaxchora®, the licensed cholera vaccine, and the development-stage chikungunya vaccine candidate CHIKV VLP.

These travel-related vaccines are part of an estimated international market growth rate (9.9%) thru 2028. This data indicates millions of travelers are under-vaccinated before visiting disease-endemic countries. 

Bavarian Nordic also acquired manufacturing facilities in Bern, Switzerland, and development facilities in San Diego, California.

"This deal achieves two significant outcomes key to our mission and future success," said Robert G. Kramer, Emergent president, and chief executive officer, in a press release on May 15, 2023.

Other market research reports indicate an uplift in international travel is coming. 

Such as the Expedia Group's Traveler Insights reveals traveler searches increasing globally by 25% in Q1 2023, which means travelers are looking toward mid-year getaways.

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