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Immunotherapy Vaccine Candidate Treating Mild to Moderate Dementia Launches Phase 2 Study

April 3, 2023 • 10:34 am CDT
by Gerd Altmann
(Precision Vaccinations)

Alzamend Neuro, Inc. today announced the initiation of a phase I/IIA clinical trial for its immunotherapy vaccine (ALZN002) to treat mild to moderate dementia of Alzheimer's Disease.

ALZN002 is a proprietary "active" immunotherapy product, which means each patient's immune system produces it.

This trial aims to assess the safety, tolerability, and efficacy of multiple ascending doses of ALZN002 compared with that of placebo in 20-30 subjects with mild to moderate morbidity.

"Alzamend's motto is 'Making Alzheimer's just a memory.' There remains a need to develop new therapies that alter the progression of Alzheimer's and prevent, reverse, or slow neurodegeneration and cognitive decline."

"Today, we are on the threshold of importantly advancing the art and science of anti-beta amyloid therapy by treating each Alzheimer's patient's immune system," said Stephan Jackman, Chief Executive Officer of Alzamend, in a press release on April 3, 2023.

"Intermittent use of our immunotherapeutic vaccine (ALZN002) may be expected to limit the number of infusions needed, may reduce the potential for adverse reactions, and provide more substantive cognitive and functional outcomes to the millions of Americans afflicted with this devastating disease."

The primary goal of this clinical trial is to determine an appropriate dose of ALZN002 for treating patients with Alzheimer's in a more extensive Phase IIB efficacy and safety clinical trial, which Alzamend expects to initiate within three months of receiving data from the initial trial.

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