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Eradicating Polio Requires the G20's Commitment

September 12, 2021 • 3:06 pm CDT
(Precision Vaccinations)

The G20 Health Ministers confirmed on 5-6 September 2021 their recommitment to helping secure a lasting polio-free world. 

In their official communiqué, the Health Ministers said, “We note the critical role that adaptable surveillance capacity, like that found in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), has in the ability to reach vulnerable communities to prevent and respond to pandemics.”

'An integral part of the new GPEI Strategy 2022-2026 is to ensure close coordination with broader public health efforts, to achieve not only a lasting world free of all polioviruses but also one where the polio infrastructure will continue to benefit other public health emergencies long after the disease has been eradicated.'

However, 'the key to success will be the continued support and engagement of the international development community, including by ensuring that previous pledges are fully and rapidly operationalized.'

The GPEI's country updates as of September 9, 2021, are available at this link.

Polio can be prevented with a vaccine, and the U.S. CDC recommends children get polio vaccinated to protect against poliomyelitis.

Since 2000, the inactivated polio vaccine has been most often given in the USA.

The CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices Vaccine Recommendations is published on this webpage.

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