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Influenza mRNA Vaccine Study Launching Soon

June 7, 2021 • 9:59 am CDT
(Precision Vaccinations)

Massachusetts-based Translate Bio announced it had achieved a manufacturing milestone under the collaboration with Sanofi Pasteur related to its influenza mRNA vaccine program. 

Translate Bio will receive a $50 million payment from Sanofi Pasteur for the successful manufacture, release, and delivery of clinical drug products to supply Sanofi Pasteur’s Phase 1 influenza clinical trial, which is anticipated to begin in the coming weeks.

The Phase 1 clinical trial will evaluate a monovalent influenza vaccine candidate and will inform the next steps of the mRNA-based influenza vaccine program.

“Since beginning our collaboration in June 2018, the development of mRNA vaccines for infectious diseases, including an mRNA vaccine candidate for influenza, has been a key focus of the joint development team at Translate Bio and Sanofi Pasteur, a world leader in influenza vaccines,” stated Ronald Renaud, CEO, Translate Bio.

In June 2018, Translate Bio entered into a collaboration and exclusive license agreement with Sanofi Pasteur to develop mRNA vaccines for up to five infectious disease pathogens. The agreement was first expanded in March 2020 to include developing a novel mRNA vaccine for COVID-19.

In June 2020, the two companies built upon the existing collaboration to pursue novel mRNA vaccines to address current and future infectious diseases broadly.

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