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No-Fault COVID-19 Vaccine Injury Compensation for Certain Countries

February 23, 2021 • 7:58 am CST
(Precision Vaccinations)

The World Health Organization (WHO) and Chubb Limited announced they signed an agreement to administer a no-fault compensation program for the 92 low- and middle-income countries and economies eligible for support via the Gavi COVAX Advance Market Commitment (AMC) of the COVAX Facility.

Signed on February 17, 2021, the WHO says this is the ‘first and only vaccine injury compensation mechanism operating on an international scale.’ All COVID-19 vaccines procured or distributed through the COVAX Facility receive regulatory approval or an emergency use authorization.

As with all medicines, even vaccines that are approved for general use may, in rare cases, cause ‘serious’ adverse reactions, says the WHO.

The program will offer eligible individuals in AMC-eligible countries and economies a transparent process to receive compensation for rare but ‘serious’ adverse events associated with COVAX-distributed vaccines.

“This no-fault compensation mechanism helps to ensure that people in AMC-eligible countries and economies can benefit from the cutting-edge science that has delivered COVID-19 vaccines in record time,” said Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General, in a press statement. “The WHO’s agreement with Chubb offers further protection and confidence in the life-saving power of vaccines.”

The COVAX no-fault compensation program will become operational through its web portal ( by March 21, 2021.

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