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Ebola Vaccines Sent to West Africa

February 18, 2021 • 5:06 pm CST
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The World Health Organization (WHO) reported on February 18, 2021, 'With efforts gathering pace to promptly tackle the new Ebola outbreaks in Guinea and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the WHO is deploying teams of experts to support the national authorities ramp up the response and avert widespread infections.'

'A consignment of more than 11,000 doses of the Ebola vaccine is expected to arrive in Guinea this weekend. Also, more than 8,500 doses will be shipped from the USA for a total of 20,000 doses. Furthermore, a 30-strong vaccination team has already been mobilized locally and is ready to deploy as soon as the vaccines are received.'

On December 19, 2019, the U.S. FDA announced Merck's Ervebo vaccine's approval for preventing Ebola virus disease caused by Zaire ebolavirus in individuals 18 years of age and older.

With the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak in Guinea being a border area, countries in the sub-region are high alert. Guinea's ongoing response and preparedness in neighboring countries build upon the experience gained during the 2014–2016 Ebola outbreak.

The West Africa Ebola outbreak began in Guinea and spread across land borders to Liberia and Sierra Leone. When it was finally brought under control, there were about 11,000 fatalities, making it the deadliest outbreak since the virus was first detected in 1976.

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